The Eastside

Community Development Corporation serve residents north by Stuart Street; on the east by East Bay Street; and on the west by Meeting Street.


We strive to serve to Eastside community through various programs and events held year round, for people of any age. Learn more about how you can contribute or participate here!


We are a community based organization that acts as a liaison between its citizens and city officials to build and sustain our community by providing economic and social services.

Dear Neighbors,

Each of you play a very important role in our community. We need your presence, your ideas, and your input to help make this community better. Remember that informed neighbors are good neighbors.


Let's continue to restore the East Side Pride by following these seven steps:

  • Attend our monthly meetings

  • Making ideas, a reality

  • Increase membership

  • Help fund our future

  • Form partnerships with our schools, organizations, and businesses

  • Keep the Eastside safe and clean

  • Make our parks more safe and useful for our children

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