Eastside Community Development Corporation(ECDC) is a grass root non- profit organization located on the eastside community in Charleston SC. We are proud to help and be of service to our community. ECDC's core is Safety, Care , Education, Dependable. Safety, we want to be safe and we want our community to be safe for all. We care what happens to our residents and our community. We want and need to be well informed about changes in community regarding housing, education, and job development. It is important to us that we be dependable to the people we serve.

The ECDC has an affordable Transitional Housing.We intentionally make our housing affordable to allow families time to regroup save money and it is our hope that the families will be one day be homeowners themselves.

We partner with Heavenly Angels and Fields to family to bring much need vegetable to the community.Since the eastside is now considered a food desert. Most importantly the vegetables is a healthier alternative for children, elderly and our population that is sick.We have a sizable aging population that want to age at home.  

We have youth programs

Stop the Violence / Unity Day

Eastside Pride Liter Program

Back to School Giveaway

Be Great Summer Camp

Ohana Youth Cooking and Be Fit Feel Great Fitness

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