February 2020 Community Meeting Minutes

Here you will find meeting minutes from February 5th's Community Meeting.

I. Call to order

Latonya Gamble called meeting to order at 6:00pm at America St.

II. Approval of minutes from last meeting and treasures report

III. Open Issues

a. President report:

i. Rules of the meeting: No interrupting, limited questions/ stay on topic, no side conversations

ii. 2020 is an election and census year; please participate.

iii. Bylaws have been added to the website

b. Street Sweeping expected to start lat Q3 early Q4; Megan Flowers is working to improve date.

c. Please send Bylaw suggestions to Rev. Bernard Judge (

IV. New Business

a. CAT Update

i. Bike patrols/ foot patrols will be more common now since the weather is becoming nicer; second training for bike patrol next month.

ii. Mobile police substation coming online in the next couple of weeks (training starts 2/17).

iii. Police in talks with owner of Knights & Hanover market to reduce loitering and the selling of single cigarettes.

iv. More streetlights being requested; talking with Mr. Carmel who owns abandoned properties near Knights market.

v. Liz Guthrie asked to expand the search on advisors for the racial disparity training; Sgt. Light ( oversees this initiative

b. Amy and Marshall Walker requested changing Columbus St. from two (2) hour residential parking to four (4) hour residential parking; Latonya suggested business owners be allowed to receive two (2) residential parking stickers rather than changing zoning for an entire street; community members voted on making the change to four (4) hours; Seven (7) members opposed the change, one (1) member in favor, remaining members abstained.

c. Spot42 will be opening at 5:00pm with guest chefs cooking different cuisines Wednesday thru Saturday; Sunday will be dedicated for politics (groups coming in from presidential campaigns).

d. 32 Line St.- Tom Hodges (843- 810- 5232) has requested change from Residential to Residental Office to use the two (2), four (4) bed units as office space; off street parking for five (5) to six (6) cars.

e. St, John’s Chapel, located 18 Hanover St., has map of all security cameras installed on the East Side. 50 cameras have been installed to date.

f. BAR/ BVA Report- Chris DiMattia noted upcoming meeting has 28 Blake St. with seven (7) apartments on the agenda.

g. Councilman Mitchell- Grace Homes open in July; James Lewis complex to begin when Grace Homes are finished; no updates on St. Julien Divine.

i. Archer School has been purchased for low- income housing for seniors.

ii. Bridgeview being purchased and asking HUD to approve low- income with some market value units included.

h. Carmen Nash ( asked if residents were interest in starting an OM Chanting Circle.

i. Latonya passed out flowers to Tyeka Grant, mary Mack, Carolyn White, Sara Mack, Alice Flowers and Victoria Milligan; flower were in turn given to Latonya Gamble.

j. The Street Ministry of Greater Beard Chapel AME Church with Pastor Charles C. McLamore will be Pulling Down Drug Trafficking and Violent Criminal Activity on 2/15 at the intersection of Columbus St. & Hanover St. from 11:00am- 12:00pm.

k. Sara Mack- Justice Ministry goal of 2k people to Mt. Maria on 3/20/20; please come support her to address restorative justice and transportation.

V. Adjournment

Latonya Gamble adjourned the meeting just after 7:00pm.

Please be advised that as part of a new safety initiative, meetings may be recorded.

No ECDC member may us the Eastside Community Development Corporation’s (ECDC) name or logo or property without written permission of the Eastside Community Development Corporation Board.

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