January 2020 ECDC Community Meeting Minutes

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Here you will find meeting minutes from January 8th's Community Meeting.

I. Call to order

Latonya Gamble called meeting to order at 6:00pm at America St.

II. Approval of minutes from last meeting and treasures report

Secretary Name

III. Open Issues

a. President report:

i. 2 shootings: One on Hanover and Sheppard, one on Nassau and Line; Victims injured in both incidents.

ii. Residential parking effective starting 1/13/20.

iii. 2020 Dues: General- $30, Students & Seniors- $15, Businesses- $200, Churches & Schools

IV. New Business

a. CAT Team

i. There will be more bike patrolling and additional officers on the East Side.

ii. SGT Stinson- 177 guns stolen in 2019; 106 from unlocked cars; 50% increase from last year.

iii. Narcotics distribution investigation resulted in 29 warrants, 16 arrests so far.

iv. Discussion of mobile substation parked outside Knights market.

b. 23 Reid St.- Dawn Limberg is building singly family home to occupy with daughter on vacant lot; Lot size variance requested; Call (843) 697- 1392.

c. Brandon Markland & Brian Walter discuss flooding initiatives.

i. Brandon requested residents to send pictures of flooding in neighborhood; Brandon’s available phone number (843) 452- 7849.

ii. Brian is an Environmental Anthropologist, studying flooding; wants to conduct interviews with long- time residents to hear about experiences and history of flooding in the East Side.

d. BAR Report- Chris MiMattia reported on 22 ½ Mary St. & 42 and 45 South St.; both on 1/9/20 BAR agenda; community welcomed to attend.

e. Security- Tim Weber

i. Requested residents to contact him or Debra Meyers at (843) 990- 6883 to get involved in Neighborhood Watch.

ii. MOMS Demand Action- Jackie Shelley introduced and announced the East Side will be their focus for 2020 to reduce gun violence; community welcomed to attend next meeting on 1/9/20 at 6:00pm at Mall Park.

iii. Debra Meyers announced 300 security cameras have been secured to install.

1. Next installation dates: 1/20 & 1/23 from 9:00m- 4:00pm

2. Contact St. Johns if interested at (843) 720- 3600.

f. Latonya appointed the Bylaws Committee- Sarah Mack, Tim Weber, Cathedra Miller & Josh Kucera were selected.

V. Adjournment

Latonya Gamble adjourned the meeting just after 7:00pm.

Minutes submitted by: Megan Flower

Please be advised that as part of a new safety initiative, meetings may be recorded.

No ECDC member may us the Eastside Community Development Corporation’s (ECDC) name or logo or property without written permission of the Eastside Community Development Corporation Board.

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