March 2020 Community Meeting Minutes

I) Call to order

Latonya Gamble called the meeting to order at 6pm at Friendship Baptist Church

II) Approval of minutes from last meeting and treasurers report

Minutes and treasurers report approved.

III) Open issues

a) Presidents report:

(a) Latonya read the rules of the meeting. No interrupting, limited questions/ stay on topic, no side conversations, comment time limited to 3 min. per person.

(b) 2020 is an election and census year. Voter registration forms available at 60 America St.

(c) City 10 yr. plan; we need residents to attend meetings so Eastside is represented.

(d) Streets blocked from 2/2-6/26 on Hanover St. between Line St. and Columbus St. for gas line work.

b) Speed hump on Aiken is still pending approval

c) Street Sweeping details to be provided to community once available; frequency and specific streets will be included.

d) Rev. Bernard Judge reported first draft of bylaws revision has been completed. Next step is the board to review the suggestions before submitting back to the community for input.

IV) New business

a) The Street Ministry of Greater Beard Chapel AME Church with Pastor Charles C McLamore will be Pulling Down Drug Trafficking and Violent Criminal Activity with the Street Ministry gathering to protest violence on the corner of Aiken & Columbus on 3rd Sunday 3/15

b) Wake for Leon Smalls on Friday at 6pm.

c) CAT update –

i) Increase of car break-ins; four (4) last week, eight (8) this week.

ii) Bike patrols/foot patrols will be more common now since the weather is becoming warmer; second training for Bike Patrol next month.

iii) Mobile police substation still pending training and maintenance of vehicle.

iv) New camera on Nassau & Amherst still not operational.

d) Crime Watch – Please contact Tim Weber (843-478-5377) or Debra Meyers (864-990-6883) if interested.

i) Please contact Debra Meyers if you need assistance with a security camera

ii) Shooting on Stuart & Hanover, no injuries reported

iii) Open air drug market on Hanover from Line to Columbus

iv) MOMS Demand Action meets 2nd Thursday of every month, 6PM at Mall Park.

e) Edward Jones is asking more male mentors to get involved with youth sports programs at CCPLC

f) Phillip Simmons Summer basketball starts on 6/7.

g) Kim Gilliard – BeWell program this Saturday for HS & College Students & parents. Safe Spaces is the theme and will discuss self-care and Higher Education for African Americans.

h) 36 South St. – BZA to encroach a setback.

i) Contact Barbara Looney with concerns (843- 813- 3974)

i) The Charleston Area Justice Ministry – More support needed, please attend meeting on 3/30.

i) Topics include housing affordability, education, transportation, and racial bias.

ii) or call 323- 691 -8725

j) 10 Wolfe St. – turned back into a duplex, currently 6 bed home, 3K sq. ft with no off street parking.

k) Regina Duggins – resident central area, running for district 111 against W. Gilliard.

i) Duggins has a doctorate in Education, her main focus.

(1) Come to the Spot 47 on 3/15 at 5pm if you’d like to talk to her.

(2) or call 718- 807- 8599

l) Liz Guthridge – 3/26 reading with dogs at 60 America 4pm -6pm

m) Councilman Mitchell – Old Piggly Wiggly site owned by Graystar who is proposing 400 apartments with no grocery store on the site. We need a large group to go to city council meetings to let our voices be heard.

V) Adjournment

i) Latonya Gamble adjourned the meeting just after 7pm

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